Chief Commissioner's blog| The power of self belief and duct tape


In a packed week of Scouting, the Gold DofE presentations by Scout and South Pole adventurer, Bryony Balen and her ‘top tip’ for self-belief and the many uses of duct tape stick out for Wayne!

Summing it all up

Last week was one that sums of the many facets of my role as UKCC. This included recognising the achievements of young people and volunteers at St James’ Palace (and a few hours later in Belfast respectively); three one-to-one meetings with members of my team; participating on the interview panel for two staff roles; catching up with Matt Hyde, John May (WOSM) and Craig Turpie (Europe); several discussions on key projects and events; and chairing a meeting of the Delegation of the European Scout Conference in August. Phew!

DofE partnership

I've blogged before on the special presentations we enjoy at St James' Palace, and taking over the Throne Room for the Gold DofE presentations was just as inspiring. Bryony Balen told her truly inspiring story and talked about her amazing achievements since receiving her own Gold Award three years earlier. She also talked about how a combination of hard work, perseverance and the versatility of duct tape for running repairs had helped her to be the youngest person to traverse the South Pole. When asked what her greatest tip was, she said simply, 'the power of believing in yourself.'

It was particularly great to speak with the 41 Scout achievers and their family and friends, and to be really impressed by the large number volunteering locally.

Sharing ideas

Matt Hyde and I caught up earlier with John May who, in addition to his Scout volunteering, is CEO of The Award, the DofE parent organisation delivering the award in 160 countries. In comparing experiences I was particularly interested in its approach to ensuring the quality of the scheme across the UK and the rest of the world. More on this next week.

Social action

I'm always pleased to be asked to participate in interview panels for staff roles as this is a great way to demonstrate our partnership in practice, and also to learn so much from many interesting people. This week was no exception as we explored Marketing and Communications and Public Affairs (how we can bring to life the Social Action elements of Vision 2018) roles in particular. Again, more of this another time.

Wayne Bulpitt, UK Chief Commissioner

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