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Wayne boarded the pirate ship Cubjam when it moored up at Gilwell over the weekend and caught up with the crew of 2,000.

Meetings around meetings

A day of meetings on Tuesday allowed me to catch up with several people, including Byron Chatburn. 

As well as CC for Leicestershire, Byron is also a Trustee of TSA and UK Contingent Leader for the World Scout Jamboree 2015 in Japan; we had plenty to discuss as you might imagine.

One of the subjects close to both our hearts is ensuring that Scouting is inclusive and, in Byron’s case, this includes ensuring that everybody is given an equal opportunity to go to a Jamboree as well as ensuring that Scouting in Leicestershire is inclusive.

Later in the day I caught up further with Matt Hyde. 

We were all making good use of our time, being at BPH for a meeting of the Risk Committee that evening.

Supporting better risk management

As well as ensuring effective risk management nationally, the Risk Committee is progressing with its project to provide practical support locally to help Groups and Districts establish and operate effective understanding and mitigation of risks. This will be done in conjunction with our safety in Scouting work, benefitting from lessons learnt as we roll out them out and ensure better co-ordinated support locally.

Cubjam 2013

On Sunday, Julie and I boarded the pirate themed CubJam at Gilwell, a week-long camp for 1,300 Cubs from around the UK, run by Hertfordshire Scouts.  As you can see from their website,, the Cubs and their 700 helpers and leaders have a great time having a go at just about every activity imaginable.

Quality of Scouting

I’ve also continued my search for inspiration in how we can best ensure consistency and I’m very grateful to everyone who has commented.

I’ll have a bit more time over the next couple of weeks and will post, update and respond to some of your comments.

Wayne Bulpitt, UK Chief Commissioner

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