Parents set for camping season


Camping season is on its way and thousands of parents will get their first taste of Scouting this summer. Helping out on camp is a great way for parents to find out what it's like and have a go at some adventurous activities.

When parents come along to help at camp they find out that Scouting is not just for young people but fantastic fun for adults too. Graham Worsnop, Group Scout Leader, invited parents along to his Group’s camp last summer. 'It was a great success and so much fun introducing families to Scouting. We’ve now got many more volunteers to help make our next camp even better.'

One of the parents who attended said: 'We had a wonderful time. It was a great weekend, thank you so much to all the leaders. The range of activities was amazing. Something tells me that the girls and boys loved it all the more for the abundance of mud and water!'

To find out how you can use camps to recruit parents have a look at our handy guide and watch our video on how easy it is to make volunteering flexible.

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