New book reveals how to be prepared


Be prepared

Have you ever wondered how to vault a fence, throw a lasso or make your own sandals? Drawing on the wit and wisdom of Scouts through the ages, Be Prepared: How to light a wet match and 199 other useful things to know contains practical advice for a smoother journey through life.

Many of the hints and tips come from old issues of The Scout, a periodical for younger members, and most are still just as relevant today.

'Life is full of challenges,' says Chief Scout Bear Grylls in his introduction. 'Whether it’s trying to mend a puncture by the side of a busy road, light a wet match or stand on a moving train, sometimes things are not always as straightforward as they could be. That’s where a book like this comes in.'

Revealing how a cabbage leaf can be used to treat a blister and how to improvise a tie in an emergency, this book is a fascinating window into a forgotten era of good humour and common sense.

With plenty of tips on camping and cooking, there are also more surprising inclusions including how to vote, how to volunteer and even how to text for free.

Be Prepared is available from Scout Shops at a special Scout price of £9.99.


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