Many faces of St George’s Day celebrations


Contrasting St George’s Day celebrations, saying hello to Chief Executive, Matt Hyde, and discussing our exciting plans for Scouting magazine and our other key communication challenges featured in Wayne’s week.

Thinking differently for St George

Setting aside the challenges of explaining the importance of St George’s Day to us (us being UK-wide Movement and St George being the patron Saint of England as well as Scouting), ensuring the celebrations are consistent with the refreshed brand we have carefully built over the past decade is a great challenge.

After the tradition of our national celebrations at Windsor, I also thoroughly enjoyed this Sunday morning with Guernsey Scouts, who seem to have struck a perfect balance between tradition and being engaging for young people.

A great balancing act

Three quarters of the local membership turned out for a procession through St Peter Port (it certainly wasn’t a march) with a large number of the public turning out along the route.  The renewal of promises took place in a prominent park, including Kumbiya, with a gangnam twist (the video of me and the Bailiff (the Head of the Judiciary, rather than a debt collector) looks okay, albeit is closely guarded!) and a world record attempt for the simultaneous blowing out of candles is awaiting verification but is looking good too.

All in all a successful balancing act with happy young people and a large admiring crowd – something I know we are seeing more of across the Movement.

Hello, Matt

Having said a fond and very appreciative farewell to Derek last week, it’s great now to formally welcome Matt Hyde [] to the leadership team as Chief Executive.  As much as I believe that a large part of our success is that we continue to be a strong volunteer-led Movement at a time when many others have changed and often for the worst, a strong and highly effective partnership with our staff colleagues is vital and the only way to true success.

Matt is already an exceptional leader and we are delighted that he has joined us and I know will play a key role in taking us to the next level.

Internal communication

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the importance of good communications in achieving our goals over the next few years. So while at Gilwell I took advantage I met the teams looking after Scouting magazine and our general internal communications to discuss their exciting plans to develop and enhance those over the common months.  All exciting stuff!


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