Improve communication


Sign up for a practical training session and improve communications.

Get communications working and keep your volunteers, young people, parents and supporters involved, informed and empowered about Scouting. Members can sign up for a practical training session and learn how to gather information and communicate to the right people, via the media or to other members.

This new practical training session, held during the Gilwell Park Fun Day events in June, is the ideal opportunity for adult volunteers to learn new skills and techniques.

Pitch your story

Join other volunteers on Saturday 22 and/or Sunday 23 June to generate, edit and share Scouting stories, then work alongside the national PR team on Monday 24 June to pitch your story to your local papers.

The training includes:

  • Brand in images and words
  • Taking photos, collecting quotes, writing stories
  • Creating and editing content
  • Sharing content

Sign up by emailing your contact/role/location details to us.

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