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News 22 04 13

There’s been a sharp increase in the number of adult volunteers since the Duchess of Cambridge joined Scouting in January 2012.

Leadership is up since the start of last year, with 2,812 new adults joining the Movement, which is the second biggest increase in adult volunteers since 1986.

As well as attracting more adults, the total number of teenagers in Scouting has almost doubled in the last 10 years, from 23,446 in 2003 to 40,578 in 2013. Total membership has increased over 20% since 2005 to 536,787 this year.

Bear Grylls, Chief Scout, commented: ‘The Duchess is an incredible role model and she helps us show that Scouting's not just for boys. She's also such a generous volunteer and everyone is so excited to have her in the Scouting family. Many people have followed her lead and are getting involved and enjoying the adventure.’

Scouting honours

The Duchess yesterday honoured over 400 Scouts at Windsor Castle, where they received their Queen’s Scout Awards, the highest honour a Scout can achieve. Bear Grylls also attended the event at Windsor castle. He said:

‘All these young people at Windsor today have given so much time and energy to achieve their Queen’s Scout Awards, and I admire that spirit so much. They are huge inspirations to all the other Scouts across in the UK and I am so pleased that both The Duchess of Cambridge and Scouting has honoured them.’

Growing demand

As one of the UK’s most high profile figures, it is hoped the Duchess’ involvement in Scouting will inspire other adults to get involved in Scouting. With more young people wanting to join than ever (38,000), there is an urgent need for more volunteers in order to meet the growing demand.

Sazeda Patel, from Blackburn, is one such volunteer who has managed to find time in their busy schedule to join Scouting, and they cite the Duchess as a huge inspiration, saying, ‘I didn’t think I’d have the time to volunteer, but the Scouts make it really easy to volunteer around my other commitments – and they let me give as much or as little time as I’m able. I did my training with the Duchess in Cumbria last month and had a great day with her. If someone as busy as the Duchess can find time to volunteer, anyone can! I couldn’t recommend volunteering more highly; I just wish I’d got involved sooner!’

Whether it’s one month a year or one hour a week, you can help Scouting grow by getting involved. Find out how to join the adventure.

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