Preparing for what lies ahead


Wayne returned from his family holiday in time to join his team meeting. He then went on to spend much of the time peering into crystal balls.

Learning from the numbers

Topics on the meeting’s agenda included a detailed review of the annual census (more about this later in the week perhaps) and a particularly interesting discussion on how best we can use our resources (money and staff in particular) to support the development of Scouting locally.

This was part of a discussion with the Chair of the Development Grants Board (DGB), Richard Simmons, who joined us for an evening.  A recent review of DGB-funded projects is reinforcing many of the lessons I’ve recently shared about the elements that make for a successful development project. It’s very much a work in progress, which we’ll share in the coming months.

Peering into crystal balls

Our main discussions focussed on an overview of the major initiatives we are rolling out over the next three years and the impact they will have locally. I’ve voiced concerns about this several times recently and have been discussing them at several local gatherings. We looked at a number of best practice ‘change management’ principles, the largest of these of course being good communication; so you will be hearing much more about this over the coming months!


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