National Autism Awareness Month

Taking place every April, National Autism Awareness Month is a great opportunity to raise awareness of autistic spectrum disorders. More than 580,000 people in the UK are affected by these disorders, which can cause difficulties with communication and social interaction.

Scouting is a brilliant way to help people of all abilities have fun, develop new skills and enjoy adventurous activities. It is likely that, during your time in Scouting, you will come across a young person or adult with an autistic spectrum disorder.

The disorders have a wide range of severity and symptoms and will often be different for each individual. For some practical tips on how to work with young people with autism, check out the following resources:

Autistic spectrum disorder (Member Resources web page)
Living with autism (PDF)
Scouting speaks to all: a leader's guide to speech, language and communication needs (PDF)


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