Parents can join the adventure too

Family camp

Nearly half of new volunteers in Scouting are parents of young people enjoying everyday adventure. Why not ask parents to help out at your camp this summer and give them a taste of how much fun volunteering can be? They are also likely to get involved in Scouting and help out more with your Group once the camp has finished.

Anne Rutland, Group Scout Leader and Group Camp Leader of 1st Trowbridge Scout Group in Wiltshire, invited parents to help run their Group's summer camp last year.

She held a pre-camp meeting and explained how their help with various activities would make a real difference: 'Offers came in to help with cooking, washing up, and by the end of the camp the parents saw how much fun we all have that two of them volunteered to be part of our Executive Committee and another two were really keen to join as leaders.'

More information for leaders on how to successfully invite parents to help with camp this year and grow the number of your volunteers can be found here.


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