A Scout is to be trusted


A board meeting with Scout Insurance (Guernsey) provided Wayne with the opportunity to look at lessons learnt from accidents. His week also involved a Trustee Board meeting and a chance to thank UK Headquarters staff and volunteers.

Occasionally very frustrated

I've explained the role that Scout Insurance Guernsey Ltd (SIGL) plays in our insurance cover previously; the regular board meetings provide an opportunity to review claims made against us. Occasionally I get very frustrated when well-meaning actions exasperate a situation, leading to inconvenience for those people injured (and who we genuinely wish to help and support quickly) and to significantly higher costs for us.

Avoid little white lies

In one of the worst cases a leader fabricated evidence to make up for a lack of written risk assessment after an accident, which led to the Association, our lawyers and the court to believing it had been completed before. Naturally, when the truth came to light, the judge expressed his displeasure, threatening action against the leader for perjury. As a result, our costs were significantly higher and our reputation greatly damaged.

The moral is: we know that accidents happen but it is better for everyone if we are totally accurate and honest at the outset; reporting the circumstances and working with Unity (Scout Insurance Services) to enable them to respond appropriately. A little white lie, no matter how well meaning, simply compounds the situation.

If you have any questions or concerns about liability cover and support for Members, please contact Unity on scouts@unityins.co.uk or call 0845 0945 703.

Thanking UKHQ staff and volunteers

On Friday, we hosted a reception at Gilwell to present good service awards to UKHQ staff and volunteers. The occasion presents a great opportunity to say thank you to our staff and volunteers, many of whom are quietly working away behind the scenes supporting local Scouting.

Board business

A snowy Gilwell Park was the venue for our Trustee Board meeting on Saturday, with business covering an update on the membership system project, progress with Vision 2018 and our ongoing strategic work plans (the annual budget, consultation on our fundamentals and the review of key appointments). It was also Derek Twine's 146th, and final, Trustee Board meeting, but more about that next month.


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