March 2013 POR updates

The latest edition of POR (Policy, Organisation and Rules) is due to be released and we are keen to hear your comments on the proposed updates. POR is our governing document, and contains detailed explanations of the The Scout Association’s principles, policies, governance and rules.

Any amendments to POR always follow a three stage process:

1. Consultation with senior volunteers and relevant staff members.
2. A pre-launch check with members via this website.
3. Launch of the new version of POR.

We are currently at stage 2, the pre-launch check with members. The documents below contain the proposed amendments for the March 2013 version of POR:

Proposed amendments to March 2013 POR
Proposed amendments to Responsibilities of Executive Committees

Members have three weeks, until 24 March 2013, to feed back on the proposed changes. All being well, the amended version of POR will be launched in early April.

You can send us your comments on the changes by emailing
Please don’t send feedback by any other method, as it might be missed.

The rules on air activities and the revisions to our Fundamentals were subject to separate consultation processes and have been agreed. They are therefore not being consulted on further.

The recent consultation on the impact of the revised Fundamentals concluded at the end of January and results are currently being analysed by an independent organisation. Outcomes of this consultation will be published later in 2013.

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