Looking back in 2022!


Wayne joined Leicestershire for their County conference and also had a chance to look to the year 2022 (in the eyes of a colleague at least).

Life in the real world

After a busy couple of days at Gilwell, catching up with various colleagues, a staff induction course and visitors from the Japanese Scout Association, I headed up the M1 on Friday afternoon to join Leicestershire County for their development conference.

Saturday evening I met with the DC's to share some thoughts on the practical issues occupying the minds of Groups, especially the potential impact of several key initiatives to be rolled out over the next three years. Points raised included the need for better advanced notice and communication; the need to get it right first time also cropped up more than once.

The DC's were joined on Saturday by others from the District and County teams and after my opening, participants were treated to a variety of sessions aimed at improving awareness of Scouting through better local media, youth involvement, effective GSLs and the Cub section.

Life in 2022

Dean Smith, Regional Commissioner for East Midlands, gave a thought-provoking presentation on how our aims need to be more youth led, from the perspective of life in 2022, looking back at what steps had been taken to achieve the success.

While a little tongue in cheek, starting with the usual disclaimer about being his views and not policy, he did of course touch on many key challenges and ideas for a more radical move to ensure we achieve our ambitions to become truly youth led.

Several concepts were highlighted, such as: compulsory 'trimming of ages' Youth Direction and Decision groups; mandatory 51% youth membership of all committees; and the re-enforced value of mentoring and support from those of us with experience. These provided great talking points for the discussion that followed.

I'll be interested to see how some of them progress.


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