The value of great preparation and planning


With good planning and preparation being a pivotal key to success, Wayne considers how this works in Scouting.

Making the most of our time

Many of my engagements, emails and calls this week have focussed on preparation for key activities. On Sunday we prepared 30 people who will act as facilitators at the upcoming national conference. Key to its success will be the ideas generated and decisions made at their discussion groups and not just what is 'said from the platform'. Ensuring we get the most out of these is vital.

A great buzz in Scotland

Joining Scouts Scotland ( on Saturday was not only a great way to celebrate the fantastic success they are enjoying, but also to join them in their preparations for the national conference; all members were given the opportunity to discuss the topics and contribute to the debate.

Young people at the forefront

Young people were very much at the forefront as Young Leaders Cameron and Victoria led the 'review of the year', which followed the format of a popular morning TV show. The Chief Commissioner of Scotland, Graham Haddock and I (pictured) reviewed the newspapers and the numerous positive headlines that Scouting in Scotland has achieved over the past year.

Elsewhere this week

Preparation was also the purpose of the ‘Growing Scouting in Manchester’ meeting and featured heavily in the interviews we have been conducting this week for a new CEO.

I also met with Don Stewart, Chair of the National Youth Agency, to discuss a variety of topics, especially the opportunities for better co-operation between bodies involved in youth work.

Effective consultation

On Monday, the St John Ambulance rank review group that I chair launched a consultation with its membership following recent focus group discussions.

The week provided just a few examples of the value of great preparation, just like running that weekly section meeting.


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