Mythbusting film hits new heights


Expect More

Our ‘Expect More’ film, which shows the positive impact of Scouting on young people today, has now reached over 50,000 views in just five months.

It tracks the journey of seven teenagers from a tough London estate to Gilwell Park Scout Activity Centre where they find a true sense of community in the activities they undertake together. Asking ‘What do you expect?’ the film challenges perceptions of Scouting and highlights the difference we make to the lives of young people. Watch it here.

Expect more

Film-maker, Tony Lundon of The Cell Productions, explains why he supported the project: ‘The opportunity to tell a different story about young people, one with a bit of hope, was what interested me about the campaign.

‘Essentially, what I tried to say was that young people, whatever their background, will make both good and bad decisions - there is no getting away from that. But the context within which they make them can be what makes or breaks a young person's future.’

Our partner, The Discovery Channel, supported the campaign by releasing a 30-second version of the film on their networks in July. In another first for Scouting, the national television advert encouraged people to volunteer for Scouting and help to change a life. Watch it here.

Community impact

In 2011 we commissioned an independent report to measure our impact on young people. It found that Scouting can help young people make a real and long-lasting commitment to their communities and develop a wide range of valuable skills.

The film ends with the message: ‘These should be the best years of their lives. With your help we can make that happen,’ and challenges viewers to ‘Expect more.’ After watching the film the website invites people to learn more about the impact of Scouting. To support our work and the lives of young people in the UK today, please text ‘MORE02 £2’ to 70070

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