Exciting times ahead


Last weekend was perfect for Cub Scouts in Hampshire to demonstrate their survival skills; a bitter cold and some rain tested their character and camping skills. Wayne was lucky enough to join them for breakfast as part of a busy 24 hours in Hampshire.

Making the most of opportunities

This week we continued our search for a new Chief Executive and made the most of several opportunities to meet trustee colleagues. A small group of us also gathered at the weekend meeting of our Operations Committee.

The Operations Committee on Saturday focussed on reviewing our extensive work plans, ensuring that we are on target wherever possible, in such areas as:

  • programme support review
  • public affairs and campaigning
  • media relations
  • positive local coverage of Scouting
  • national centres
  • ambassadors and more

We take every opportunity to look at particular issues that we are currently facing, including development strategy and the general support that we provide for local Scouting.  As I mentioned recently, many of these are coming to the fore over the next 18 months and so these really are exciting times for us.

New ways to recruit

As part of our wider development strategy, we have approved a pilot to look at the use of customer relationship management software in the local recruitment of volunteers. Basically, anyone that shops online and uses online services receives emails asking for their opinions and whether they would recommend certain services etc. We are going to see whether or not this can be applied to Scouting.

The views of 18-25-year-olds

It was great after another full-on week of meetings and discussions to get back into local Scouting in Hampshire. On Saturday evening I was grateful that a group of mostly 18-25-year-old members joined us for an evening discussion on many topics.  A particularly interesting debate was on the role of our fundamentals in the 21st century, based around an article in the October/November edition of Scouting magazine.

An amazing Cub Scout experience

I joined 90 Cubs from across Hampshire on Sunday for their County survival camp. The Cubs were learning and subsequently testing a variety of practical, team and leadership skills as well as camping out for the weekend.

Mighty Hampshire

I joined over 200 members of the County leadership team across Hampshire (GSLs, District teams etc) to kick off their County conference and to hold a round-table discussion on a variety of questions covering a wide range of topics.

Finally, I had a brief opportunity to catch up with my Dad and family who still live on the south coast, before I headed back to Gilwell for dinner with the latest group of DCs.


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