A warm welcome


This week, Wayne considers the appointments process and ponders possible improvements.

First impressions count

It's a frequently used phrase, but have you ever stopped and thought about the welcome we give new volunteers, especially through our appointments process?

The suitability of our appointments process is not a new topic (we last reviewed the format a few years ago) but it has been raised again in a number of my forums and meetings in the past few weeks.

A recurring barrier

Whether it's regular discussions with leaders or in various team meetings, it is clear that the process remains a challenge. We need to ensure a smooth and welcoming experience or our efforts and investments will fail. 

Discussions on flexible volunteering - to help explain what we mean by this check out the latest videos - reveal the challenge we face in keeping everyone up to speed on our aspirations.

And the answer is...

To start with, we already provide very good support resources, with four guides freely available to download, offering great advice and practical tips.

Our Leadership and Management work is all about finding the right people for the right role, especially managers that effectively support, lead, motivate and inspire.

There are plenty of resources available to explain how the process works and how we can make it effective and stress-free.

Can you help?

However, there is much more we can do; if you have any ideas, feedback or examples of where the appointments process is working well, please post in the comments section below or email me

Remember, we all have a part to play in ensuring that everybody feels welcome, supported and valued. Those first impressions really do count.

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