Continuing the search


Wayne ponders how Scouting could better support military families, and continues the search for ‘game changers’. He also conducts his First Response refresher.

Going to the next level

Berkshire knows a thing or two about growing, having grown by twice the national average (29%) for the past five consecutive years.

Continuing our search for game changers, I met up with Director of Marketing and Communications, Gail Scott-Spicer, County Commissioner, Hamish Stout and Deputy County Commissioner, Pete Jeffreys, to look at ways we could test out some of the pilots we previously discussed. These aim to increase our growth further, especially in the Scout age range.

Sharing the vision

Maximising our partnership is vital, so Derek Twine and I briefed the staff this week on what we have learnt from last year's Census. To ensure we engage all staff, especially those not based at Gilwell, we recorded an interactive session that can be played remotely. Join us at Gilwell Reunion this weekend and find out what else has been on our minds.

Star gazing

Though Ambassador, Julia Bradbury, will join us at Reunion, the kind of star gazing I’m referring to is my evening with Toddington Scouts (currently doing a great job of recruiting) as they visited Guernsey Observatory during their summer camp (which is a convenient five-minute walk from my home)!

Helping military families

Earlier this summer I caught up with 1st Marham Scouts during their summer camp in Guernsey. They had a number of ideas and suggestions about how we could better facilitate Scouting for families of military personnel. Some of them require changes to our systems but many just need a little more local thought and understanding. It would be good to hear your own suggestions, so please comment on this post.

Keeping refreshed

Ongoing learning and refreshing on topics such as first aid is important for all of us, so I am grateful to Guernsey Scout Training Team for allowing me to join their First Response Course last Sunday. Luckily I passed!


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