Tent of the future


We have teamed up with E.On to take camping into the 21st century.

The Scout Association and E.On have developed the ‘tent of the future’, which showcases modern technology and features a range of gadgets to help future campers.

Key features of the revolutionary tent include:

  • Vertical wind turbines that catch wind and convert it into power
  • Solar panels that harness sunlight and turn it into electricity
  • Solar powered baseball caps with built-in torches for bedtime reading
  • A portable battery that campers can use to charge gadgets and devices
  • An intelligent sleeping bag that regulates body temperature

The tent is on display at the Essex International Jamboree (18-25 August), where 11,000 Scouts have been able to witness the future of camping up close.

Happy campers

E.On recently conducted research on camping and spoke to 1,000 young people and more than 2,000 adults. The research revealed that half of the adult campers in the UK do it because they love the great outdoors.

However, it also revealed that a lack of access to electricity to charge gadgets and plug-in appliances is putting off the next generation of campers.The research found that over a third (36%) of young people under the age of 18 won’t camp because they can’t charge gadgets and over a quarter (28%) because they can’t watch TV.

One in five (22%) worry about a lack of mobile phone signal and 16% worry that they won’t be able to use their hairstyling appliances.  Nearly half (47%) of the young people interviewed would enjoy camping more if they could have a charging point for gadgets.

The Tent of the Future hopes to change all that and make camping 100% enjoyable for everyone.

Energy efficient

As energy partner to The Scout Association, E.ON sponsors the Scout Global Conservation Badge and has produced an educational kit for Scout Leaders and Scouts, available here.

For more information on E.ON visit www.eonenergy.com

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