Amazon adventurer joins Scouting


Guinness World Record holder and adventurer, Ed Stafford, is set to become a Scouting Ambassador.

The record-breaker will attend Gilwell 24 this weekend where his new Ambassador role will be officially announced.

Ed will open the camp at Gilwell Park for the annual 24-hour camping event, and will tour the camp and speak to some of the 2,000 young people attending.

Once a Scout...

Ed became the first man to walk the length of the Amazon River in 2010. This record-breaking expedition and his determination to succeed have made him a huge inspiration to Scouts everywhere.

The new Ambassador started his own adventures as a young Cub with the Fleckney Scouts in Leicestershire where he grew up. ‘I feel that my love of adventure really came from those first night camps I went on with the Scouts’, said Ed. ‘Getting outdoors ... was always the best part of Scouting for me.’

Scouting Ambassadors

Scouting Ambassadors like Ed are recognised or influential figures who help promote and increase awareness of Scouting wherever they can. Current Ambassadors include Ian Hislop, Chris Evans, CEO of Sainsbury's Justin King, Julia Bradbury and Lord Coe.

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