Whale spotting


The term 'whale' in a business context often refers to a big deal or transaction that significantly changes the game. Wayne ponders what this ‘whale’ might be in a Scouting context.

Against the trend

I hope I never tire of saying how successful Scouting is, which is continually growing very much against the trend for similar organisations.

However, our joining lists are growing and thousands of young people are yet to discover what they have been missing. I’m also disappointed at the number of influential people I meet who still don’t seem to get what we are really about.

Looking for inspiration

Over the past couple of months, those of you following my activities through the blog or at the meetings with me may have seen a trend of particular discussions, looking for inspiration around awareness, development, leadership etc.

Last week, Gail Scott-Spicer (Director of Marketing and Communications at The Scout Association) and I met with MediaCom, a global communications company that recently assisted the Metropolitan Police in recruiting over 5,000 Special Constables. With its heads of strategy and careers recruitment division, we discussed how the company had done this and whether any of the lessons learnt would be beneficial to Scouting.

We have previously discussed the value of commercial advertising in many meetings. It was therefore good to talk with a company with recent experience of recruiting a large number of volunteers in a short space of time. It was also useful to explore the variety of media channels MediaCom had used.

Scouting's 'whale'

We know what makes Scouting successful and we are achieving great success in many areas. Maybe we just have to pull all of this together in a concerted effort.

Last week we met with a small group of neighbouring County Commissioners and a variety of staff and volunteer colleagues. The aim was to scope out a development project targeted at bringing all of these strands together and to measure its effectiveness within a reasonably contained area.

Who knows, in a year or two we might be able to look back and say that we at least spotted Scouting's 'whale' on 31 May 2012. Time will tell.

In the meantime, I'd welcome your own thoughts on what we could be doing to significantly increase our development and reduce our joining lists.


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