Scouts celebrate Jubilee Hour


The Jubilee Hour campaign, which aims to recognise and honour Her Majesty the Queen’s 60-year reign, encourages people to take 60 minutes out of their schedule and dedicate that time to helping the community.

On behalf of all the members who volunteer, The Scout Association pledged 500,000 hours of volunteer time to the campaign.

In many ways this is what we do anyway, from being a volunteer leader, young leader, helper, member of a Scout Active Support Unit or a Group supporter, through to all the voluntary community projects undertaken by Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and the Scout Network.

The time specifically dedicated could be one of the hours of volunteering we contribute on a regular basis, or it could be a simple act of goodwill. The devoted hour can be carried out at any time during the Jubilee year.

Proud Scouts

The positive example set by HM The Queen is an ongoing inspiration to our hundreds of thousands of Scouts and volunteers. Dedicating an hour of the volunteers' time is a great way to congratulate our Patron and thank her for encouraging us to offer a fun and challenging adventure to young people of every faith and background.

The Scout Association is proud to dedicate these hours as part of the campaign.

Give your time

For those wishing to personally dedicate their time to the campaign, the Jubilee Hour 'Book of Celebration' lets you register your hour online as either an individual or a group. You can then open your own profile page and pledge a Jubilee Hour.

The 'Book of Celebration' will keep track of the total number of hours pledged. Over one million hours have so far been counted.

Receiving offers for volunteering

We have many young people who want to join but can't, simply because the Group near to them does not have enough volunteers. Adults not already volunteering can register their interest through the 'join' button on our website, so we can welcome their interest and direct it locally in the usual way.

Visit the 'Book of Celebration' to see what others have been doing around the country and to make your own pledge.

Don't forget, you can still get your celebratory Queen's Diamond Jubilee products at The Official Scout Shop.

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