Scouting for the community


Scout Community Week has inspired thousands of Groups from all over the UK to 'do1thing' for their community.

So far, Scouts have picked up litter, planted trees and visited Parliament in a bid to improve community spirit and to raise money for local Scouting. Young people in their thousands are still hard at work and pitching in for Scout Community Week, which launched on Monday (14 May).

First class service

Members of Ormskirk Scout Network are helping their local student community at Edge Hill University during the busy exam week. For each day of Scout Community Week, the Scouts will offer a different service, from putting up posters and helping out in the library to litter picking.

Tuesday, the group provided a service where people living on campus could Tweet the Network’s name and have their washing, shopping or laundry done by the generous Scout Network members.

The group is also helping a 3rd year student perform, a requirement of her course. The group will take care of the student – who has a disability – with the technical side of things like lighting and props.

Meanwhile, South Holland Explorers will visit its local park this weekend to renovate the climbing frames, painting them with metallic paint supplied by B&Q. The Group will also sand down the windowpanes of the park hut and repaint them in preparation for summer.

Helping and educating

The Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Scout Network cleared a derelict train line near its headquarters. The group is also planning to get in touch with the local History Society to get signs made so the community can remember how important the railway line once was.

1st Cheddington Explorers is dismantling a disused shed in order to salvage the wood so that the Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts can build bird boxes.

B&Q are supporting the event by helping out on the day and inviting the Explorer Scouts to fundraise in store. The group will then hold a community team party to showcase what they have done and to thank everyone involved.

Doing its bit for local wildlife, 2nd Stratton Scout Group was at its local B&Q last night, learning how to make bird boxes as part of a ‘Kids Can Do It’ session. The Scouts then placed the boxes around a local car park to welcome the nearby wildlife.

Support Scout Community Week

Find out what’s happening where you are during Scout Community Week with our interactive map. You can also follow the Scout Community Week campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

To show your support for Scout Community week and to help make a difference, you can make an online donation.

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Scout Community Week

Get involved with our biggest fundraising event of the year and 'do 1 thing' to make a difference.

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