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Wayne looks back on a week of meetings and talks about Scouting development and diversity.

Remaining sound and focused

Money featured highly this week (not just because the Finance Committee met). I had meetings with the Chairman’s Consultation Group to consider the Board’s business, and with the Director of Finance. The Scout Insurance Guernsey Limited board (which manages our liability and property risks) also met, as did the Board of Trustees on Saturday.

Freezing the national membership

The main business of the Board was to approve the financial statements, capital expenditure budget and to set the membership for 2013/14.

It's great that the Board agreed to freeze the membership fee (for the fourth time in the past six years), and I very much hope that other layers of our structure will follow suit. We also managed to achieve this while increasing our support for frontline services such as the Development Grants Board, the membership system upgrade and capital programme. More details to follow.

Learning from others

I caught up with Tom Wylie, former CEO of the National Youth Association and a member of the DGB, as well as several other leading organisations. It's always great to get the insights of others into what we are doing and how we could do even more.

Making the most of technology

Not only is the membership system on schedule, but we have been successfully piloting the use of webinar technology; the next phase is an opportunity for District Commissioners to get an update from me on our strategy and to quiz me on what we are doing and why. Fingers crossed it goes well.

Diverse Scouting

Ensuring we are truly inclusive is important to me, so I was pleased to get an update following our attendance at The Autism Show from one of our Diversity Ambassadors, Matt Todd. Some interesting opportunities to open Scouting in several specialist schools are being developed, as is achieving wider recognition of how Scouting makes a real difference to autistic children.

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