Common sense prevails


Wayne reviews an article from Judith Hackitt, Chair of the Health & Safety Executive, highlights the value of good induction and finds time to return to Wales for the All Wales Scout Camp.

The importance of risk taking

Not for the first time, I found myself agreeing with a great article form Judith Hackitt, Chair of the Health & Safety Executive, entitled ‘Outdoor Play – Let our children take a risk'.

In the article, Judith makes the case that we at Scouts have been making for many years, notably, that young people must be able to learn by taking risks. She concludes, ‘Young people are curious, and they learn quickly. We should not deny them the opportunity to learn by taking risks. Seeking to protect them from every conceivable hazard, rather than sensibly managing the genuine risks they face, ultimately leaves them in harm's way, not to mention robbing them of memories that last a lifetime.'

It is great to hear such common sense from the HSE.

Scouting is well placed to continue taking the lead in encouraging young people to do this, and our work to further promote our culture of safety will ensure that we achieve the best of both worlds.

Meetings and more meetings

Three days at Gilwell and London this week resulted in a multitude of meetings and discussions. These included the annual Speaker's Reception at Westminster, a Key 3 meeting, a meeting with Scout Leader, Rob Butcher, a review of our campaigning strategy with our very successful Public Affairs team and a team meeting at the weekend.

The importance of good induction

I don't need to remind anybody of the importance of R&R, but we often overlook the importance of the first impressions we give and the welcome we offer.

I was pleased last week to spend time with a team of 30 new staff members to outline our volunteer structure and share some thoughts on our direction of travel. I also met up with Andrew Bollington, who has just joined the Operations Committee and was at Gilwell for his induction.

All Wales Scout Camp

I rounded off a very busy Scouting week by joining 2,000 Scouts, leaders and helpers in Builth Wells, Wales, for their fantastic bi-annual All Wales Scout Camp.

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