Caitlin does it again


Cub Scout Caitlin has gained all of her section badges.

Three years ago, Caitlin earned all of her badges as a Beaver Scout. Now a Cub Scout with 1st Hopeman Cub Scout Pack, she has done it again.

Caitlin earned her Beaver badges while living in the Falkland Islands. Now in Moray in Scotland, she has worked just as hard to get all of the badges for the Cub Scout Section, for activities ranging from equestrianism to entertaining.

Badges of honour

The District Commissioner for Moray, Pam Brain, recently presented Caitlin with her 33rd Activity Badge. Caitlin has added these to her seven Staged Activity Badges and eight Challenge Badges (in Scotland you can earn an extra one in both these categories).

Together with her three Partnership Awards and Silver Chief Scout's Award, Caitlin now has all of the badges available to a Cub Scout in Scotland.

Caitlin's Cub Scout Leader, Ian Jones, was a recipient of the Gallantry Medal this year. He was proud to have Caitlin as his guest when he attended the St George's Day parade at Windsor in April.

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