Bear in the air


The Olympic Flame finished its tour of Newcastle in fine style on Friday (15 June) when Bear Grylls zip-wired with the Torch from the top of Tyne Bridge.

Thousands lined the River Tyne to watch our Chief Scout make the daredevil drop from the top of Tyne Bridge. Despite windy weather, Bear managed to zip wire 400 metres across the river to land on the other side with the flame still alight.

Bear commented, 'I was a bit nervous about rope and fire but it was fine and we are in one piece. I think you're not human if you're not nervous when you're standing 200ft up and it's blowing you around a little bit. It's a long drop.

'It's still alight, we're alive and I'm super proud to have carried the torch.'

Upon landing safely, Bear was greeted and congratulated by Scouts from Newcastle and Gateshead.

Doing Scouts proud

Bear is now one of the many Scouts who have carried the Torch recently. Scout Leader, Scott Richards, carried the Flame through Berwick-Upon-Tweed on Thursday, and Colin McGregor from Perth, a Scout Leader of 16 years, carried the Torch through Newburgh last week.

Today (18 June), David State, a long-serving helper with the Scout Movement, proposed to his girlfriend while carrying the Torch in Loftus. During his run, David dropped to one knee to ask his girlfriend, who is eight months pregnant, to marry him. She said yes.

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