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Bear live

On Monday, we were lucky enough to join Bear for his latest Bear Grylls Live show at the Hamersmith Apollo, where Scouting played a large part in the show.

Not only did we benefit from programme sales, but we got some great publicity as the end of the show focused on Bear’s role with us, and there were some fantastic images as 40 members of a local Gang Show cast appeared on stage with him. The loud cheer from the audience when his Scouting role was highlighted said it all.

Putting the V in your CV, Guernsey style

How can a simple idea used at international camps be used to publicise Scouts locally? I popped into a local careers show on Thursday and found out, as Guernsey Scouts did just this at their stand. They were subtly attaching pegs to the bags and clothing of exhibiters and attendees, and on the side of the peg was the message enticing both groups to their stand to collect a reward – ‘a sweet’, giving the leaders a chance to engage them. When they asked ‘Why are the Scouts at the career show?’ the reply was ‘put the ‘V’ in your CV’, enhancing your CV by volunteering and/or joining Scouts.

The results were ten new possible leaders, some with specific skills attracted by possibilities for flexible volunteering, four existing Scouts interested in the YL scheme, and contacts made with secondary school careers advisers, headteachers, employers and many key influencers locally. Media coverage was great and resulted in a follow up story, which ended with the interviewer referring to 'the dynamic Scouts' – not bad for a simple idea.

St John’s Ambulance

I’ve agreed to volunteer as the independent chair of a review group within St John’s looking at their rank and roles, so took the opportunity to join them at their annual operations conference during the past weekend. I will share more about this another day.

Freemason Kindred Lodges

I was invited to present to 220 members of the national Kindred Lodges Associations (a group of freemasons who gather to support national youth organisations) on the theme of Scouting past, present and future.

Freemasons and similar organisations such as Rotary, Lions Club and Round Table offer us great local and national support (over £500k from the Freemason’s Grand Charity over 5 years alone) so I love opportunities like these to update their understanding of Scouting and to explain that, while their cash is very important to us, as key local influencers they can support volunteering in so many additional ways. If ever you get an opportunity to engage with them positively locally, please do make the most of it. Before you ask, I was only a Round Tabler until I became too old!

In other news

I finished the week with a meeting of my team where we discussed a variety of things including our workplans, strategic objectives and the progress with the current work reviewing our programme etc.

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