Making a positive impact in 2012


Making a positive impact together  

Well, it’s been quite a week. The announcement that HRH The Duchess of Cambridge is to volunteer with us certainly ensured that Scouting has been in the news. I know it’s been the subject of a lot of local comment and discussion and it is a fantastic start to our new year.

With all the media coverage it was sometimes lost that The Duchess has also chosen four other charities to support. It’s a reminder of the significant progress we have made over recent years in learning how to raise our profile (locally as well as nationally) making us so well placed to maximise on this great opportunity

Why Scouting is needed more than ever

The headlines over the past week however have been dominated by the problems of social cohesion and tensions within our local communities. Photographs in the national media of Stephen Lawrence as a Scout twenty years ago remind us that sadly we could not prevent his murder. A resurgence of Scouting now can make a real difference in local communities where it is so desperately needed. 

Our recent Impact Study gives us the evidence that our unique brand of everyday adventure can provide young people with life changing opportunities, role models, leadership skills and a sense of community.

Scouting in action, big and small

What better way than to finish the first week of 2012 than with 3,000 Scouts from all walks of life, backgrounds and communities learning new skills and working together at Gilwell for Wintercamp.  Many others equally  enjoyed group and unit events such as the 8th Faversham Explorer Sea Scouts as they set off for a winter weekend of camping and power boating.

Let’s talk up Scouting and make volunteering easy

All this is a timely reminder of why we owe it to young people to make the most of every opportunity to promote what we do. Let’s also make it easy for those who wish to help us to be able to do so.

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