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Being creative in recruitment

Following a catch-up with 'Key 3', we met with Martin Bryant who joined us a year or so ago as Chairman of Scout Shops Limited to discuss the company’s performance and particularly its strategy for the future. 

We recruited Martin, a volunteer, with the help of a professional recruitment agency. This has been a particularly successful option for us over recent years, resulting in more than 15 very senior and experienced professionals in particular fields agreeing to give us the benefit of their services for free. This has been either as trustees or for example in operations such as Unity, Scout Shops or the national centres.

This set me thinking whether we could explore this option more locally by using recruitment firms and the like to help us find volunteers, especially those in specialist roles perhaps. This could help us widen the potential pool beyond our own contacts. Have you tried anything similar?

At a group level, why not use the family information form to help you find out what the parents of your members do, and discuss how this might help you?

Building awareness

I also caught up with a couple of people this week to pick their brains on how we might better help local Scouting to improve awareness of what we do. I know from my travels and discussions that this is something that is regularly asked for – so what can we do to make more of our popularity?

We do really well with the big stories – but how can we help you get more frequent positive coverage in your local paper and on the radio and TV?

In addition to addressing the above, our marketing colleagues are looking at how we might be able to support a more integrated action plan across several local channels (print, website, social media, radio, TV etc) rather than relying on just one or two as we often do. This is something else we will be discussing at a meeting of the operations sub-committee this weekend.

How could we best achieve this?

I know also that some of you already do this (hence some of the meetings I am having and picking of brains), so perhaps you can share what you do?

Would be great if a few more of you could share your ideas and experiences perhaps?

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