Successful partnerships


Making it all work

I caught up with Richard Simmons early in the week. As well as being a DESC in Kent, Richard  has just been appointed Chariman of the Development Grants Board, having responded to the open call on the website. He will be responsible for approving and overseeing grants from HQ funds.

I also took the chance to catch up with Derek and Alan before a meeting and dinner with the Chief Guide and Chief Executive of GGUK.

Shaped by young people in partnership with adults

Not just a key part of our Vision 2018, this month’s Scouting Magazine is great evidence of how this can succeed in practice, with 24 pages of the magazine taken over by a team of 16 adults and young people working together. In particular, check out the case studies to see what a difference we are already making in many areas. Well done.

Activity centres strategy and saying thank you

Saying ‘thank you’ to Richard Shortman as he retires as CC of Surrey, and hello to his successor Roxanna, I took the opportunity to visit Walton Firs Activity Centre and see its new developments for the first time.

Previously owned by The Association, Walton Firs was one of the earlier sites sold under the National Campsite Strategy when Bedfordshire relinquished their lease. 

It was bought by a specially formed independent trust, and has been retained and developed for the use of young people, including Surrey Scouts. Another example of a successful partnership benefiting many in different ways by accessing funds we could not have done and using them for the benefit of all. All proceeds from the sale of these sites is ringfenced and is being invested in our national centres (excluding Gilwell). A win win win.

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