Listening and acting means real success


I’m looking forward to 2012 and sense a real opportunity for Scouting.

Making the simple things happen

Whilst they may seem small in themselves, a couple of announcements this week reflect some of the progress we are making in listening to our members and acting accordingly.

We published advance notification of proposed POR changes and a request for input to the latest review of adult training scheme modules.

These follow various consultations, a commitment to engage members more and to give greater notice of proposed changes and will be followed in 2012 with some significant issues including the basis of paying the membership fee. Some of the real changes we are working on include ensuring that everybody truly feels valued, motivated and supported.

Doing things differently

I made it to my local church on Sunday (twice in fact, which shocked the vicar) for the traditional carol service – finally getting into the Christmas spirit. The Sunday club nativity scene was very different in the morning, and in the evening the vicar proceeded to sing part of his talk.

Now, those of you that know I’m tone deaf need not panic, I’m not planning to copy but it did just remind me of why we need to be a little more creative in what we do, especially the regular things, and in particular to think about how people may perceive what we do.

We can do it

We have a great opportunity to capitalise on our popularity and to recruit large numbers of volunteers but we need to appreciate their expectations, understand what motivates them and be more flexible. For example, we could make the most of parent rotas, value Occasional Helpers for what they can give and realise the importance of Sectional Assistants.

Remember, from small acorns comes great oaks. In the same way, some of those that give a little time can be a big help to other leaders. Some helpers will give more time in due course as their circumstances change. Others may not be able, but that is just fine and we should make the most of it while they are with us.

Thank you

It has been another fantastic year for Scouting and 2012 already promises to be even better.

May I close by saying a very big thank you to everybody who makes this possible.

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