Inclusivity comes in many shapes


A day at Gilwell and a visit to Belfast for the latest of our 'UK meetings' provided plenty of opportunity to catch up on various projects, meet with our PR company, and to catch up with the Chief Commissioners of Scotland, NI and Wales. I also joined the latest staff induction course at Gilwell to try to explain the volunteer structure within Scouting.

Being inclusive isn’t just about the obvious minority groups

Being truly open to all is very important to me, so I was pleased to see that this month’s Scouting Magazine showcases a new resource we have produced to support leaders in helping young people with speech and language difficulties (over 10% and higher in more deprived areas).

Our launch also coincides with Hello, a campaign for the national year of communication to increase understanding of how important it is for children and young people to develop good communication skills. Many thanks to Matt Todd and members of the adult support team who have produced the support material.

Please use it to ensure that Scouting really is helping to develop young people, who will benefit so greatly from what we offer

Our rules are there to protect young people and us – they must be followed

One of my less pleasant tasks this week has been to review an interim report of our investigations following the very sad death of a young member. Our rules are put in place for very good reason and must be followed at all times.

In particular there is no option to disregard a rule because parents will be present, and no parent can authorise the contravention of a POR rule, even where the parents of all the young people taking part in a Scout activity are present. Please ensure there are no exceptions.

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