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I’ve written previously about the challenges we face in successfully establishing and developing the Scout Network.

I for one don’t subscribe to the view that all members over 18 must be leaders (many do, but there must be a choice). I’m always keen to learn through good practice, so quickly followed up an email I received about Callum’s experience in Aberystwyth.

Callum explained:

‘I think we were very lucky to get a Network of our size [30] going this quickly. We live in a university town and each year our local Scout Groups rely on students coming in and becoming leaders, who of course are Network age. The SSAGO group here isn't too popular.

Getting started

‘The fundamentals of our group started with five to six Scout Leaders from the local group (3rd Aberystwyth) who wanted a Network. From there we told a few friends and just went for it, starting with a planning meeting at a local pub - probably around ten people there.

At this point we developed a balanced programme, together with a mix of activities and socials and decided how often we'd like to meet with everyone running a meeting generally.

Getting on with it

‘Since then it's just been a case of getting on with it and talking to friends, bringing along flatmates etc. Although we set a rough programme in September as a basis, we're always flexible with what we're doing and often adjust it according to what members would like to do.

'Over the weeks we're continuing to see a gradual increase in membership. We're hoping that from September we'll be more known across the UK so new students moving to Aberystwyth from Scouting backgrounds will know we exist. I feel a lot of would-be Network members fail to get involved due to lack of awareness or groups around university areas.’

Congratulations to Callum and other members of the Aber Anon Network.

Share your success

It would be great to hear from others with success stories, and also those of you that have tried but haven’t yet found the solution. Get in touch with me at

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