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Heart of England are the latest Rotary District to invite me to their annual convention as a guest speaker. I shared Scouting’s experience in rejuvenating itself, and gave some pointers on how Rotary International might learn from these. 

It’s also a great opportunity for us to remind Rotarians what Scouting in the 21st Century is like (statistically, over half of male Rotarians are likely to have been Members of Scouting in their youth), to thank them for the support many of them already give local Scouting and to ask for more! It was also an opportunity to promote our Impact Study.

So much to share

We have much in common, such as character building; service to country, others and self; leadership skills and global awareness. Our programme partner, Shelterbox, was started by a Rotarian, Tom Henderson, while over 8,000 Scout Groups (mainly in the USA) are sponsored by a local Club and the International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians promotes further joint activities. These similarities make them great partners for us locally as well as nationally.

Using the Impact Study

Why don’t you use the Impact Study toolkit to help you get an invite to your local Rotary and other service clubs, and to tell them how Scouting today has the same values as they remember from their own youth but acts, and looks a little different?

A great centre for mountaineering in Snowdonia

I took advantage of being in North Wales to visit Yr Hafod, a great mountaineering centre owned by the Welsh Scout Council and run by a team of 26 volunteers. A group of 20 leaders from Solihull had rented the centre for the weekend to obtain their Mountain Leader permits. Courses are available as well as Explorer Scout weekend and weeks.

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