The simple things


To start with, I know that it’s not all plain sailing. I appreciate that I’m one of those people who are always happy and smiling, but let me assure you I’m not immune from some of the less enjoyable aspects of Scouting, and I don’t only handle the glossy, positive things, whether through visits, meetings, post or telephone conversations.

I do believe however that more honesty, openness and support can signifanctly improve these challenges.

How can you help?

I also believe that everybody can play a role in making our Movement better and open to all, there are a number of ways in which we you can do this locally, too:

  • Challenge what 'full sections' means – did you know for example that only 18% of Beaver Colonies have more than 20 members, or that just 17% of Cub Packs and 21% of Scout Troops have 24 members or more. How many of you could take just a few more members? And how do those of you with much larger sections manage? Please let us know.
  • Be flexible - consider doing your Scouting differently, or splitting your evenings. Work in teams to share the load, sharing programmes, or allowing volunteers to contribute to Scouting once a month
  • If you have a joining list and a Group next door doesn’t, instead of boasting of how much more successful you are, ask yourself what you could do to help them. 

Success breeds success

I am not naïve enough to believe there aren’t a multitude of issues that sit behind some local challenges, but just imagine how much more rewarding it might be if you could help other Groups benefit from your success too.

After all, success breeds success. Share your success with neighbouring Groups and rejoice in knowing that more young people and society in general are benefiting from the fantastic commitment that you offer Scouts in your village and community.

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