Joining lists, hardly a badge of success


We all have endless anecdotes about the value and success of what Scouting offers.

Personally I am proud to say that my experiences both as a young person and an adult within Scouting have made a real difference to my life. Any successes I have been fortunate enough to enjoy in business, in my community, personally and in helping others have only been possible because of the opportunities that Scouting has presented me with.

Longer joining lists

While we are celebrating our 6th year of growth and recognising the achievements of many who have made this happen, one reality is a 15% increase in those young people who have registered to join but are not yet able to do so.

That’s 4,500 more young people disappointed than there were at this time last year, not even including those who don’t yet know what they are missing out on. Hardly a badge of success for me.

Quality and quantity

This is why growth is so important, and should be the focus of all our actions. I know that a few people are a little sceptical on this point. It is of course true that the quality of what we offer is very important too, but there are only a few exceptions to the rule that, where we are delivering exciting and quality Scouting, we are also growing.

And it is even more important than that. Growth...

  • Is a sign of success
  • Means we are doing more and achieving our mission
  • Generates a feel-good factor.

In short, growing the movement is what we are about, pure and simple.

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