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It’s no surprise that Merseyside Scouts' AGM and conference were a ‘sell-out’ when you take a look at their annual review (www.merseysidescouts.com), as a real buzz has built up in the County over the past three years. 

A rejuvenated County

A reorganisation of Districts, rejuvenation of the support teams, and improved profile and communication have led to many successes, including increased youth membership, improved adult recognition (with more awards in the past three years than the previous 15), and more recognition for young people's achievements too.

Not resting on their laurels, they revealed even greater ambitions, with their own Vision 2018 flowing from the Association’s.

The buzz among the members was most noticeable, as was the absolute amazement to be seen in the five local Mayors who were attending for the first time. Congratulations to Colin Coleman (CC) and all in Merseyside Scouting.

Back at Gilwell

Back to Gilwell Park for the Board meeting, where we discussed the census data in detail, approved the ‘Getting IT Right’ strategy, the finance strategy and reviewed details of an independent review into the impact of Scouting.  Further details to follow.

Heading north again

I made it to West Yorkshire’s County Conference and Cub Day at the Eureka National Children’s Museum in Halifax. It was a fantastic combination of events, with external displays to engage the public and parents at a popular family venue, a fun programme for the Cubs, and a conference for GSLs/DCs etc, to participate in workshops, discussions and training.

Perth, in Scotland, was the venue on Sunday, for a very special occasion to mark Eleanor Lyall’s retirement as Chief Commissioner of Scotland and a chance to thank her personally on behalf of the Association for all she has done, both in leading Scotland so successfully and as a member of the UK Leadership Team.

And finally…

Many thanks for all your best wishes (well most of them) on my recent ‘milestone’ birthday!

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