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Wayne is off doing other things at the moment and foolishly left me the keys to his blog... I'm Tim Kidd, Chief Commissioner of England and I’d like to share some thoughts with you over the next few weeks.

I'm keen to hear your views on the topics I cover so please do comment.

The bad ones?

The press, radio and television have been full of stories about the rioting recently. Not surprising given the shock of it all. Many of my Facebook friends posted great status updates about the power, benefit and hope of Scouting.

It got me thinking about who benefits from Scouting… so here’s a true story:

The dilemma

Some 16 years ago, I was helping with the selection and training of a unit for the World Scout Jamboree. One of the Scouts chosen was a little bit on the wild side and wasn’t doing well at school.

Indeed, a local police officer found him ‘up to no good’ one night. But the officer knew that the Scout was going to the Jamboree and so he spoke to the County Commissioner.

The County Commissioner discussed the situation with the Scout and allowed him to go to the Jamboree.

There was an outbreak of people complaining about this. ‘He shouldn’t be allowed to go’, ‘only the good ones should have the chance’ they said. The County stood its ground and the Unit went happily to the Jamboree.

The Scout did really well there. On his return he had found his focus and purpose in life. He worked at his exams and passed them (much to the surprise of the teachers).He eventually joined the army and invited the County Commissioner to his passing-out parade.

What would you do?

It’s usually easier to provide Scouting for the good youngsters – those that don’t challenge us or our values. But what then about the more difficult ones – those for whom Scouting could offer a chance at a brighter future? If we embrace the difficult youngsters will it frighten away the others?

So, here is the question: how do we help as many young people as possible and not just the good ones? It must be a key question for helping to improve society and build a better future.

I'm interested in your experiences in balancing this dilemma and providing everyday adventure to a wide range of young people. Please comment and share your experiences and suggestions.

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