ClanJam 2011


From small acorns grow great oaks, so it was a pleasure to finish our visits to the international camps being held across the UK this summer with ClanJam 2011, organised by the South East Region of Scotland at the fantastic Bonaly Outdoor Centre, just outside Edinburgh.

This was the first time in eight years they had organised anything similar, and had been looking for a suitable project to mark their 80th year using the centre – what better way than to provide fun and adventure for 180 young people from countries as diverse as Denmark, Taiwan, England as well as Scotland?

The first of many?

If the experience of the young people we spoke with is anything to go by, it won’t be many years before ClanJam features alongside other great Scottish jamborettes such as Blair Atholl and Auchengillan on the circuit.

The fun of the Military Tattoo

The other great benefit for ClanJam is the opportunity to attend the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, so Julie and I joined 180 Scouts to enjoy a full preview of the famous event – and ensure the 9,000 other people in the audience knew of our attendance – hello to a few other Scouts visiting who introduced themselves. My new found luck.


Thank you to everybody who has taken their young people away this summer, whether to a green field down the road, the WSJ, an international camp in the UK or and expedition to Malawi, you will have given our members life changing experiences that will help shape their lives. And almost certainly had a great time yourselves. Awesome.

A special thank you from me to Eleanor Lyall who yesterday enjoyed a great handover in Sweden as she retires from seven years as Chief Commissioner of Scotland and Graham Haddock takes over the reigns.

Tim’s takeover

I’m taking a break for a few weeks, so whatever you are doing, enjoy the rest of the summer. I might even have a chance to offer you a drink on the Buffalo Lawn at Gilwell Reunion on 3 September perhaps? In the meantime, Tim Kidd will be sharing his thoughts over the next few weeks – treat him gently as usual!

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