Rafting through Sweden


Continuing my journey around the UK units, I managed another 19 yesterday, still leaving me a long way short of the goal.

We did stay for longer than planned with Cheshire and Isle of Man Unit as a very heavy downpour soon followed the cheers as the sun came out briefly mid afternoon.

Also tested the lashings of Durham as they were finishing their flag pole and quest to build the highest in their sub-camp (lucky it distracted me from their game of scrabble I think). My darts skills were left seriously wanting as we joined Greater London North East as they were teaching Scouts from around the world to play the game in their sub-camp.

Rafting through Sweden

Today’s day visitors included 1st Hurst Green who had taken advantage of a two-week trip which included a three day rafting expedition on rafts they had first build from pioneering poles etc. It was great to join them for three investitures against the backdrop of The Castle.

Piped in by the Irish

I had been invited to dinner in the Irish Food House by their Chief Scout, Michael John, and we were met at the entrance by a young Scout who piped us in to our table whilst everybody stood and cheered– a great atmosphere along with some very fine Guinness beef stew!

As well as sharing a variety of ideas etc. one of theirs that struck us was how they had treated the patrol leaders in each of their 15 Units with a special training programme etc. to highlight the importance, and of course provide another level of opportunities for these young people. A great example of the leadership opportunities for Explorer Scouts we have mentioned before perhaps?

The in-betweens

Lots of extra conversations (and coffee!) with a variety of people especially those making up the International Service team, visiting Regional and County Commissioners who have come in groups etc. to see their Units and the fun that makes up the Jamboree.

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