Famous last words


The saying ‘famous last words’ certainly kept coming back to haunt me yesterday as it rained persistently, and sometimes very heavily, throughout Friday – but it didn’t dampen a single spirit as activities got underway.

‘Unbelievable’, ‘fantastic’ and ‘awesome’ were the most often used words used by Explorer Scouts as I visited their campsites to chat to them and see how it was going.

Many new friends have already been made. Most Units spent last evening cooking for Units from other countries as some of their patrols visited others – the Portuguese were lucky enough to be joining Greater London North for their beef stew and rice with very nice chocolate coconut balls.

Too much fun to hurry

I have managed to join eleven units in their sub-camps, although the challenge was that I should have done 25.

Learning to say no to the coffee (although a big thank you to Surrey red Lions for the Starbucks coffee) should help but it is genuinely great to chat to so many enthusiastic teenagers, despite some miserable weather.

Day visitors join in

There are over 25,000 day visitors throughout the Jamboree so it wasn’t a surprise to bump into 60 Scouts and their leaders from Nuneaton who have taken advantage of the day visitor passes to sample a taste of the event whilst camping in the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany for a couple of weeks.

The ‘business’ of Scouting

In between the visiting there is ‘business’ to be done; Derek Twine and I met with the Chairman and Secretary General of the World Organization to discuss a variety of topics and there are many formal and informal gatherings of other National organisations and their leaders.

Inspiring good food

Back to the fun though and one of the activities that struck me was Inspiration; a base by each of the supermarkets where Scouts and their leaders can watch cooking demonstrations on how to prepare items in the cook book

Saying thank you

We also hosted a reception to say ‘thank you’ to each off the leaders from the UK’s 89 Units, split over two evenings, and treat them to tea and biscuits – you won’t believe how treasured the latter has become on a site boasting its health food credentials.

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