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After a day in the office at Gilwell on Friday catching up with admin and people, as well as recording a few video messages for forthcoming events, it was time for the quarterly Trustee Board meeting on Saturday.

Trustee Board

Business that we deliberated on included a review of Membership of Council, Getting IT right proposals, progress of the Membership Subscription working group, a review of the annual census, business objectives, General Reserves policy and agreeing next year's membership subscription.

Supporting development

A dash back to Gilwell from B-P House just in time to do a closing session at the development support day, held by the Development Grants Board and involving development staff and volunteers from most of the 38 initiatives supported by the Board. It’s an opportunity to share some thoughts on growing the Movement, listening to those with practical experience in trying to achieve this, and also a chance to catch up with many of the participants.

Making Fundays happen

Gilwell played host to 8,000 Beavers, Cubs and their leaders over the weekend for the annual Fundays, and a fantastic weekend was had by all despite some variable weather (code for occasional very heavy rain). These events only happen because of a very small but great staff team at Gilwell, along with nearly 300 volunteers, so I took the opportunity to mingle with them as they were eating their meal to thank them.

Joining in the fun

Clearly somebody up there likes me, as the weather on Sunday morning was good and fortunately coincided with me joining in the fun around the site and chatting to many of the leaders and parent helpers.

Putting up obstacles

One such discussion was with Mark, who had recently set up a Cub Pack with some enthusiastic parents who were with the Group and who were now opening a Troop. It nearly hadn’t happened however because their County wanted £900 for four of the leaders to complete all of their training modules.

I was lost for words (and you know how rare that is), and am presently investigating, but I was astounded to learn that we could put such obstacles in the way of an enthusiastic group of volunteers wanting to start Scouting in their community. Watch this space.

What other obstacles have people experienced, and how might we address them?

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