Bigging up the Movement


At the time of the changes to the Swimming rules, we promised that we would learn lessons from the consultation and implementation and ensure we did better in the future.

Hopefully this is apparent in the advance notice we have given to changes to the Hillwalking and High Ropes (including crate stacking) rules, which themselves follow two rounds of consultation with the Movement and users in particular. I hope you find that these strike a reasonable balance.

Those banking frustrations

Still in the listening mode, we are aware of concerns regarding the proposed abolition of cheques and the problems experienced in opening and maintaining bank accounts in the 21st Century.

With this in mind, our Finance team have been chatting to a number of banks and financial institutions with a view to finding a better solution. They might just have done so. On Thursday, we met with a team from one of the clearing banks who have proposed what might just be a perfect solution.

It will form the basis of a consultation coming out to you shortly and some focus group discussions before a small local trial to further iron out any issues. An interesting morning, watch this space for more details in the coming months.

1st Purley

Just say hi to the Scouts of the 1st Purley who caught me as I was leaving Gilwell last Thursday and were keen to share with me what a great camp they had just enjoyed courtesy of their leaders and the facilities there. 

Bigging up the Movement - why it’s all about growth

As you’ll know from my blog of a few weeks ago, I’m keen to emphasis why growth is important to us, and to highlight how each of our key initiatives are designed to support this. You can read my thoughts, and take a look at the new online magazine.

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