The fun of St. George's Day, Norfolk style


After a few conference call meetings during the week including discussions on our National Activity Centres Strategy and the Impact Assessment Research we have commissioned, I set off for a busy weekend of visits in Norfolk. I needn’t have packed the waterproofs and hoody as the sun shone throughout…

A thriving Scout county

Whilst Bear was visiting the South West, I took the opportunity to learn a little more about Norfolk, a thriving Scout county nestled on the east coast, with a diversity of urban and rural Scouting, affluence and areas of social deprivation. I’m very grateful to CC, Gary Burfield, for laying on the weekend, and also providing a full report for me through his own blog. What service.

The initial invitation had come from South Norwich District who had decided to take a different approach to celebrating St George’s Day this year. Rather than joining the other Norwich Districts in a traditional city parade and service, they opted for a large District Fun Day on the Norfolk Showground – a trend that I for one hope continues and develops further.

An alternative to parades?

For me, thinking differently in ways that provide young people with what they want and enjoy, and in way that can still include renewal of our promise and recognition of achievements, is so much more effective.

I know some will say that parading in public shows us off, but really! Have you seen 8 out of 10 'Scout parades'? They are not exactly great shop windows for what we are about. Far better to show off our everyday adventure, publicised through local media to a far wider audience, than those (generally parents) who may turn out to watch a parade.

Food for thought perhaps as you start thinking about how you plan to celebrate St George’s Day 2012?

Very many thanks to Gary and the Norfolk team for such a great weekend, and for their work in growing everyday adventures for the young people of Norfolk.

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