New activities this way


Take your adventures to new heights as two fantastic locations become part of the National Scout Activity Centre family.

Great Tower in the Lake District and Woodhouse Park in South Gloucestershire offer a vast array of activities of all shapes and sizes. Archery, climbing, hiking, abseiling, canoeing, go-karts, rafting and more, is waiting for you, your Scout Group or your family.

Lovely welcome

Both centres also benefit from a dedicated staff team and a stunning location.

‘There’s a lovely welcoming feeling you get when you arrive here,’ says Great Tower service team member Sarah Latham. ‘There’s the sense that you have all this open space to explore and learn in.’

‘Great Tower is set in 250 acres, close to the shore of Lake Windermere, which makes it perfect for campers and explorers alike,’ agrees Lyndsey Nassim from the National Centres team.

‘Easily accessible from the M4 and M5, Woodhouse Park on the other hand, already boasts over 20 activities and there are plans to increase this,’ she continues. ‘It’s a very exciting time.’

Quality experiences

Both sites are already very popular with Scout Groups and adventure-seekers in their area, and it is hoped that becoming a National Scout Activity Centre will raise awareness of the thrills, challenges and fun on offer.

UK Chief Commissioner Wayne Bulpitt said: ‘All our national centres provide members and non-members of all ages with access to quality outdoor experiences.’

Find out more

More information about the wonderful adventures that you can have at Great Tower and Woodhouse Park will follow with forthcoming launch of the Activity Centre website.

In the meantime, please contact the centres directly:

Great Tower

+44 (0) 1539 531279

Woodhouse Park

+ 44 (0) 1454 613006

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