Will you spot the difference?


A board meeting on Wednesday in Guernsey for Scout Insurance (Guernsey) Limited – the company that manages our insurance risks for us – was an opportunity to review our claims experiences and also a chance to catch up with Derek.

The upcoming Board meeting with some substantive topics for consideration along with an early analysis of the Census were very much on our minds.

A flying visit to Scotland

On Thursday it was off to Scotland where the Search Group have been interviewing candidates for Chief Commissioner. They will succeed Eleanor Lyall, who completes her very successful tenure in July. I also took the opportunity to meet with a few volunteer colleagues involved nationally for one-to-ones. It was good to be able to meet nearer them for a change.

Learning from a master

On Saturday we gathered the teams of UK, Chief and Regional Commissioners (England) and the Senior Management Team together for Communicating Our Values, a course on presenting skills led by Graeme Codrington, who some of you will remember from the TomorrowToday work on our Vision 2018. The training is in three parts: understanding our key messages (values); training on skills, analysis and feedback on actual presentations through further follow-up discussion in groups; and more practical exercises. It was a great opportunity for us to learn from a leading expert in this area – see if you spot the difference in the coming months!.

Keeping in touch with the regions

A quick skip to Paddington train station with Gordon Weston, Regional Commissioner, south west England, and a train to Taunton for Gordon’s meeting of his County Commissioners. Gordon is also chair of the Youth Involvement working group so there was plenty to keep us chatting for the 2½ hours. The team meeting on Saturday evening and Sunday covered a wide variety of topics on issues impacting Counties and their Groups as well as providing an opportunity for peer support and exchanging lots of examples of good practice.

Making our voice heard

It was back to London on Sunday evening and Gilwell on Monday for the latest DC Induction Day and a chance to discuss our strategy with recently appointed District Commissioners and for the launch of our campaign Don’t Raise our Rents, a joint campaign initiative with Girlguiding UK. It's a response to increasing evidence that local Groups are being significantly hurt by local authority attempts to raise income from massively increasing Ground Rents etc. Sign up to ensure our voice is heard.

Your voice

Remember you can add your voice to the work that I'm doing by commenting on the blog, either on the events covered here or, especially, on issues of leadership and management. I always read, and regularly respond to comments, so let's keep the communication flowing two ways.

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