Scouts are part of the ShelterBox team in flood-swept Bolivia


ShelterBox have been working with Scouts in Bolivia, after heavy rains caused widespread flooding and mudslides in the South American nation. Over 1,300 homes were destroyed in the nation’s capital, La Paz, leaving over 6,000 people homeless.

ShelterBox Response Team member Jeff Pietras described the conditions some families were living in:

‘We came across a single mother and her six children living under a plastic sheet alongside a riverbank.’ Jeff said. ‘It was emotional to see such need so many weeks after the initial disaster had struck.’

Restoring dignity

200 ShelterBoxes were sent to provide shelter, warmth and dignity to the families affected. Teams have been working with several organisations in country - including Scouts.

‘The Scouts we have been working with have been amazing’, said Rikke Rosenlund. ‘We showed them how to put up a tent once and they immediately organised themselves into teams. Every team worked incredibly fast and the tents were put up perfectly!’

With Scouts, the team worked hard to distribute boxes to the families most in need. At breaks, the Scouts were still as lively as ever, providing entertainment for the team and keeping morale high.

‘They were great fun!’ Rikke reported. ‘And as one of the locals said, Scouts always know how to enjoy themselves! I sincerely hope to be able to work with Scouts again as it was such a pleasure dealing with them.’

A global partnership

ShelterBox are incredibly grateful for the assistance received from Scouts, both in Bolivia, and around the world. To find out more about how we’ve worked with Scouts across the globe, please visit the Young ShelterBox website.

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