Don’t Raise Our Rents! - Campaign launch


Local councils across the UK are gearing up to impose unreasonable rent increases which will threaten the future of Scout Groups.

Councils had previously only charged nominal ‘ground rents’ or minimal rates to land occupied by Scout meeting places. These recognised the important role that Scouts play in providing cost effective youth services to the community.

Groups are likely to be vulnerable to rent increases and most will have to reduce outdoor activities, increase subscriptions for parents or, worse still, close as a result.

Don’t Raise Our Rents! is a campaign calling on councils to make sure that any rent increases or rate changes for Scout Groups are fair and affordable.

Although this doesn’t affect everyone, Scouts all over the UK are encouraged to check their situation and support this effort to protect Scouting.

Find out more about the issues and get advice on encouraging everyone to take local action. Spread the word by pushing this campaign via Facebook, Twitter and through word of mouth.

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