Donate to Japan Scouts relief effort


You can now show your support and assist our Scouting friends in Japan.

The Scout Association of Japan (SAJ) is now accepting donations. You can help those Scouts participating in the relief effort by donating to the Scout Association of Japan’s fund.

Japan thanks you

Meanwhile, the manner in which Scouts all over the world have expressed solidarity and sympathy with counterparts in Japan has been recognised in a moving tribute.

Kinisada Kume, International Commissioner, has posted an official message which extended his gratitude to ‘brothers and sisters in Scouting around the world for expressing sympathy and condolence toward the people who have suffered the severe damage from the recent earthquake and tsunami.’

Generous volunteers

Mr Kume confirmed that some Scouts and leaders in the Miyagi Scout Council had been lost in the terrible tragedy which struck on March 11.

A number from Scouts have volunteered to travel to Japan to help the relief effort. However with the continuing uncertainty regarding the Fukushima nuclear plant, SAJ is still not at the stage of accepting such generous offers.

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